Volunteers Needed


A CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS Starting a new venture such as the ETPRI is going to require a lot more than two people. David and I need help in a dozen different forms. Some of the current tasks include:

Permaculture jobs:thumb_IMG_2959_1024

Spreading wood chips

Digging swales

Building raised beds

Turning invasive growth (weeds) into compost

Building an herb spiral

Hugelkultur bed creation

Organizational jobs:

Editorial help on our newsletter

Website editing

Pruning our email list

Crunching Mail Chimp data

Remodeling work:DSC00251

Removal of walls & ceilings


Building book shelves

General advice on design & decorating

Educational work:

Teachers of Permaculture, biodynamics, and organic farming

Teachers of topics in health, Sustainability, etc.

People who can produce educational materials

People who can help organize classes

Someone to catalog and supervise our library

Even more than this, we need volunteers who can think of stuff we haven’t yet thought of. If you like to put in some time and aid in creation of what we hope will be a lasting community resource, please contact us:

Jim Gray


(865) 216-5495 (cell)