Founders’s Message

david_boltThe goal of Sustainable Future is to help people move toward sustainability.  Some of the systems at our South Knoxville facility  include:

  1. Tesla Electric car
  2. Electric car charging stations
  3. 50kw of solar electric in 10 different solar systems (generate more power than we use)
  4. Battery back up
  5. 2,500 gallon rain water collection system
  6. Wood gasification
  7. Recycling
  8. Vermiculture (worm bin)
  9. Edible landscape
  10. Permeable pavers
  11. Composing toilet
  12. Chickens
  13. Aquaponics System
  14. Tiny House
  15. Swales
  16. Gardens
  17. From countless books, lectures, and conversations I’m convinced that by making simple everyday choices, we can create a sustainable future.

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David Bolt, Founder
Sustainable Future, LLC