What is a Net ZEH?

This is an electric bill from a net zero energy home.
Net Zero Energy Electric Bill

Sustainable Future was founded to help homeowners move towards net zero energy homes. A Net Zero Energy Home (ZEH) creates as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. For a ZEH connected to the utility grid, the electric meter spins backward when more energy is generated than is used. Conversely, the meter spins forward when the home is using more energy than it is generating. The owner of a Net ZEH will see a virtually unchanged electric meter over the course of a year. Depending on the metering laws for your area, a net ZEH will have a very small utility bill or the utility company may actually pay you.

The striking thing about this utility bill is that it is negative. A net credit of $11.69 was earned for the month with an accumulated credit of $134.69. This customer will get a check from the utility company if a credit exists for one year. This house generated 40 kWh (2070 - 2030) more than it used and turned the grid meter backwards for the month. The solar panels generated 368 kWh (2050 - 1682) for the month. This house used 328 kWh (368-40 ) for the month. For a point of interest, you may want to compare your August bill with this one. Look at both your dollar amount and your kWh usage.

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