Washer/Dryer Combo

Sustainable Future Washer Dryer ComboA new high-efficiency front-loading LG Washer/Dryer combo was installed. This Energy Star appliance saves both energy and space, since the washer and dryer are housed in the same unit. It uses less water than standard top-loading machines for washing. In addition, the clothing spins after the final rinse to remove most of the water from the clothes and less energy is used for drying. It is also ventless which means the dryer vent can be sealed to improve air tightness. Also the unit runs on 110 outlet so a special electrical outlet was not needed.

*Note that the Washer/Dryer is plugged into a plug meter. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that this was one of the few things in the house that has no phantom load.

A complete wash/dry cycle is about 2.5 kwh compared to about 5 kwh for most top loading machines. When we line dry a wash/dry cycle uses about 1/10 that amount of energy.

As an added bonus, teenage children love to do their own laundry:)