Course: Improving Your Health with Plant Medicine

Rachel Milford
Rachel Milford

In this 4-class series, Knoxville herbalist Rachel Milford will help empower you to reclaim your own healing through exploring the ability of medicinal plants to act as preventative medicine and heal root causes of illness. These classes will focus mostly on nourishing tonic or “food” herbs that you can use on a daily basis to feed, strengthen, and revitalize your body.  We’ll learn with all of our senses, through handouts, plant meditations, medicine making, tea tasting, and more!

Class #1: Herbal Medicine Demystified (Saturday Aug 8)
This first class is designed to be an introduction to the world of herbal medicine. We’ll talk about when and how to use herbs, the different forms in which you can take them (teas, tinctures, etc), safe and effective dosage, and more. We’ll also discuss different approaches to working with herbs and focus on 3 or 4 of my favorite tonic herbs to start using every day. Class will include a plant meditation, as well as tea tasting. Everyone will get to bring home their own nourishing tea blend. Bring your own mug!

Class Fee $27

Class #2: Nourishing Nerves & Tincture Making (Saturday Aug 22)

Come learn how to make your own medicinal tinctures, using only alcohol, herbs, and a mason jar! In addition to medicine making, this class will focus on a few easy to grow herbs that can help nurture your nervous system and alleviate stress, insomnia, and anxiety. Everyone will then get to make their own tincture to take home and use.

Class Fee $27


Class #3: Immune Support & Herbal Syrups (TBD)
In this third class, we will take a look at our immune systems and the different herbs available for helping prevent illness and for fighting off infection when it happens. As part of this class, we will also learn the art of making herbal syrups, and everyone will get to make and take home their own jar of Elderberry Syrup.


Class #4: Herbs for External Use & Healing Salves (TBD)
In the final class of this series, we will learn how to use plants for treating cuts, bruises, burns, stings, pain and other external ailments. As part of this class, we will learn the art of making herb-infused medicinal oils and salves, and everyone will get to take home their own jar of healing salve.



Saturday,  Aug8, Aug 22


3:30 Doors open
4:00 Class Starts
6:00 Class adjourn


Sustainable Future Headquarters
201 Ogle Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37920