Chicken Tractors

Chicken tractors are great when you do not want the expense and trouble of provideing  a chicken run and a chicken coop.  Once the chickens work an area of garden or ground, you simply move the tractor to fresh ground.  The chickens have removed some pests, aerated, and manured the area for you.  Moves take place every few days to a few weeks.

Our chicken tractors start at $200.

The smallest tractors have sleds and are simply pulled into place. They can hold one to three grown chickens depending on size and temperament.  This is an economical way to get started with chickens to see if you enjoy them.

Standard Features include

  1. Long lasting cool galvalume roof
  2. light weight easy to move sled system
  3. Sliding lid
  4. 3×6 foot print
  5. ‘Red barn’ panel with white trim
  6. roost

Optional Features

  1. hinged lid
  2. nest box with movable cover and nest blind

Easy to move cantilevered wheel tractors starts at $600

The 4×8 will hold 6 chickens as a tractor and hold 18 if used as a coop with either fixed or moveable fencing as a run.  .

Standard features include:

  1. Long lasting cool galvalume roof
  2. Large easy access door to collect eggs, feed, and water
  3. 2 nest boxes with movable cover and nest blind
  4. Easy move cantilevered wheel system
  5. Bottom rail treated lumber
  6. ‘Barn Red’ panels with white trim
  7. Door latch on Left

Optional features:

  1. Chicken door when used with fixed or mobile fencing. Can be placed at either end of coop
  2. Grain feeder
  3. Water system
  4. access door by pull leaver
  5. Custom trim color
  6. Custom panel color
  7. Additional Shelf roost above nesting area
  8. Additional 2×4 roost mid panel
  9. Other custom features specified by customer