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Sustainable Future Center

Whether you are viewing the nightly news, reading the newspapers, listening to talk radio, or talking with friends, one quickly becomes aware of the world’s need for a serious, positive transformation. Unemployment, pollution, disease, crime, hunger, and war are just a few of the world’s ills brought to us daily.

Reflecting on these big issues, some people become overwhelmed with the scale and slip into apathy. Some just accept the problems as part of life; others simply choose to ignore the problems. Yet there are others who see the challenge and work feverishly to find solutions.

I’m happy to report after years of work and study that there are tested, proven solutions to the problems reported to us daily. While one can address these issues at a regional, national or even planetary level, my focus since 2004 has been at the personal and community level. My current projects, the for-profit Sustainable Future, LLC and the non-profit East Tennessee Permaculture Research Institute (ETPRI), are both located at the Sustainable Future Center in Knoxville, TN. where we are working to produce and infuse solutions in our local community.