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Just a little viewing of the nightly news, reading the newspaper, listening to talk radio, or talking with friends shows the world is need of a serious positive transformation. Unemployment, pollution, disease, crime, hunger and war are just a few of the world’s ills that visit us on a daily basis from our media sources.

If one looks at these big issues, some people become overwhelmed with the scale and slip into apathy. Some see the challenge and work feverishly for solutions. Some see the bad news and just accept the problems as part of life. Others simply deny there is a problem.

I began looking at these issues full time in 2004 and I’m happy to report there are tested proven solutions to the bad news reported to us daily.  While one can address these issues at a personal, community, national or planet level, Sustainable Future focus has been at the personal and community level. A great deal of good impressive work has been done since 2004 when I started the journey. This web site highlights some of the good work and helps create a road map for a personal abundant Sustainable Future.